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Safeway Transportation, Inc. Internet Services are provided to assure you of the most current and accurate information available in the industry. Our state-of-the-art systems assure you of comprehensive, yet easy to use Internet communications and data retrieval 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Send us an order, review your own proof of delivery information, or communicate with us via E-Mail all from the convenience of your own personal computer.


  • Easy Access
  • Choice of Search Criteria
  • Detailed Data

Easy Access

Access to the Safeway's systems is as easy as logging on to your own internet service provider and going to, or, better yet, bookmark our web site for instant access anytime, day or night.

Choice of Search Criteria

For automated Proof of Delivery service, at our Web site, click on 'P.O.D.', enter your name and security password (provided by Safeway Transportation to protect your information), and select the method of data retrieval you would like to use, i.e., a 'specific bill search', or, 'all bills from yesterday search', or, 'all bills for today search', or, 'all bills for a specified date search', or 'all bills for a date range search', or even 'bills(s) with your specified reference number search'. Simply point and click on your option and the data will appear.

Detailed Data

P.O.D. data is displayed in easy to read format, showing consignee, date delivered, time delivered, and signature name for each bill shown. Additionally, more detailed information may be requested for any bill shown by simply clicking on the DETAIL option for the bill in question.


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